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$397 Commercial Roof Tune-Up

Commercial Roof Tune-Up.jpg
  1. Full roof inspection and report with life-cycle analysis. Decrease your risk by addressing concerns before the emergency. Avoid the experience of repair-related disruptions and shutdowns.

  2. Repair 20 linear feet of seams to avoid structural damage to your roof deck.

  3. Repair 1 pipe boot or penetration to prevent insulation from being saturated.

  4. Repair 5 linear feet of curbs or parapet walls to prevent mold growth and damage to your exterior walls beneath the roof.

  5. Clean 2 roof drains and surrounding radius to prevent clogging and formation of ponding water.

  6. Clean 10 square feet of roof surface to avoid degradation and swelling of substrate.

  7. Clean 50 linear feet of clogged gutters and downspouts to prevent water from entering building by travelling underneath your roof.

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